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RochesterGrowth was established in 2007 to fill a void in Upstate New York’s entrepreneurial landscape.  RochesterGrowth is a platform for entrepreneurs to assemble and socialize directly, since informal interaction often generates the greatest opportunities.  Our quarterly events provide a way for some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs to get to know and help each other.  It also helps recognize and generate pride in a region that has a world-class entrepreneurial environment and history.


RochesterGrowth is an invitation-only network of over 300 individuals who currently or have previously run a scalable business with national or global ambitions.  Companies represented by the group typically have over ten employees.  An entrepreneur with a new startup is welcome if she held a senior management position in a successful entrepreneurial company before or had raised a material round of outside financing.  Serial entrepreneurs who have been involved with a successful startup and are seeking new opportunities are also welcome.


In general, over 60 entrepreneurs attend each event.  Industries are as diverse as the local economy – IT, optics, health care, telecom, software, misc. services.  Service providers such as attorneys, accountants and consultants are not appropriate members, though they are welcome to sponsor events.  The best source of new members is the entrepreneurs who have already learned about the organization and attend events.


This is a grassroots initiative that has no affiliation with an agency or company.  We aim to and do partner informally with many of the leading organizations in the Upstate entrepreneurial ecosystem.  RochesterGrowth is a Upstate Venture Connect supported event.


The Goal


The underlying goal is simple: To encourage entrepreneurship and economic development in our region. Rochester’s economy is on the upswing due to the legions of smaller, growth companies dispersed throughout the region. These entrepreneurial businesses are the reason why our community has successfully absorbed the loss of thousands of jobs. They are its future.




We gather quarterly in the evening over drinks and hors d’oeuvres at a downtown location.  A sponsor covers the cost of the event.  The venue varies and is usually selected based on its novelty and ability to pique the interest of attendees.  The format is unstructured except for a brief opportunity for introductions and announcements.


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